...stylesybs is a freelance fashion stylist, photographer & art director...

Sybille Speck aka Sybs  studied Editorial & Personal Styling at the London College of Style. 

Whilst directing her own styling projects, she worked as a dresser for London Fashion Week, and has assisted established stylists in the fashion industry in London, in order to learn the ropes from the best.

Originally from Switzerland, her spirit and passion are inspired by the extensive travel and work around the world she has done.

personal styling.

Putting her Personal Styling Diploma into practise, Sybs has worked in luxury retail for iconic British fashion label BURBERRY as well as fashion house KAREN MILLEN. These positions equipped her with the necessary experience to competently advise male and female clients about how to optimise their style. 

Sybs currently works as a online personal stylist and you can book her via the WISHI application.

editorial styling.

After assisting personal stylist Rachel Fanconi in London, Stylesybs has constantly been building her editorial portfolio by collaborating with creatives around the world. Her work expresses wit, diversity, and often  reflects her love for colours & prints. 

Sybs editorial work has been published in Male Model Scene, HUF, Rion, iMute, Just, SoCatchy! and Superb Magazine.

photography. art direction.

Due to her many interests, Stylesybs recently started to branch out into fashion photography, combining her styling skills with her creative eye for art direction.

Her most recent fashion images have been featured in publications such as HUF, 7Hues and 7HuesNoir Magazine...  and many more to come.

For more information, collaboration, or just to say hi, feel free to get in touch.

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