Yvonne, Switzerland
Makeover Deluxe
With the Coronavirus keeping us stuck at home and on screen, I felt an inner push to finally do an Online Styling with Sybs. Sick of looking at my old, worn out wardrobe day after day, I knew that I could make way more out of myself and that I was ready to sparkle and shine again, like I used to before I started working mostly from home. 
Sybs professionalism is incredible. Shortly after contacting her I received an email and we set up a time for our first chat. After having asked me to fill in a very powerful fashion questionnaire, Sybs went deeper into details of what my style and fashion dreams and nightmares are in our personal chat, and – as I later noticed – took note of every little detail I mentioned! Fast forward a week, when a huge gift was waiting in my inbox: Sybs had sent me the most AMAZING, professional and complete style guide I’ve ever seen. It looked like a high end fashion magazine – except that it was perfectly personalized to ME! 

Sybs poured all her love, knowledge and experience into this multipage personalized style guide. I am still amazed by it when I look at it regularly, using it as my Fashion Bible for all my online and offline shopping.
I can highly recommend Sybs and all her services. In all honesty, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to get yourself out there again. Life is short! Make the most of it and yourself by getting Sybs professional styling guidance now. So you get to be the shiny, sparkling Queen or King you deserve to be.

Haroon, United States
Styling by the hour  
Colour & Body Typing Package 
My session with Sybs was truly great. I was about to start a new job and needed advice on what to wear to look professional and young at the same time. She was very patient with me and walked me through the popular styles of today for people of my age and my body type. She gave me advice on every part of my wardrobe, from the shoes to the shirt. She even explained concepts such as color theory and what kinds of colors would look good on my skin tone. 
I learned a lot about style and how to dress from our session. I bought clothes based on her suggestions and now feel very confident in my personal and professional life!

Kate, USA
Wardrobe Revamp
Her own unique style adds influence when styling her clients. If you're not willing to go as bold as her yet, she puts you in outfits that test your boundaries while keeping you in your comfort level. Sybs really tries to understand her clients' personalities to also reflect it in their outfits. Styling and photography become her art, and her passion shines through in the results! 

Irina, Sweden
Style Boost
I admire Sybille's sense of style and colors - she is such a great fashion pro! I liked that Sybille asked many questions about my preferences, my style, sizes, brands I love, that was important to create looks that would really suit me. I loved the looks she has created - her sense of colors and style is perfect! I will definitely use these ideas.

James, USA
Dress Up
Sybs is so M-A-J-O-R. It's been a while since I have been this excited about prepping for vacay and she made it effortless. She is very attentive and an excellent communicator. I asked for versatility and she hit it out the park. I look forward to seeking her services in the immediate future.

Carla, Switzerland
Style Boost
My daughter booked an online styling session with Sybs. I first thought that the service is not suitable for me, as I am 69, though was curious at the same time & tried it out. After completing the session, I now feel satisfied & convinced. Sybs first held a style chat via Skype, and I then filled in a fashion questionnaire via email. 

A few days later I received a detailed guide with colour- & body type analysis as well as make-up, clothing & accessory suggestions. It contained entire outfits that were very trendy, yet age appropriate. The suggested pieces of clothing truly fulfilled my expectations. 
What I especially appreciate is that I can just click on a certain image in the style guide, and it leads me directly to the online shopping source.I already bought several items that Sybs suggested. I even printed the style guide out, and take it with my in my bag when I shop in stores. Try it out & get online styling advice. Thanks a lot Sybs.

Daniela, Switzerland
Dress Up
I wanted to change my dress style and try something new. Sybille showed me great options. With my new style I am super happy, and I have received many compliments.

Sarah, Switzerland
Dress Up
Really cool options! Thanks for helping me find things for work I would never pick out for myself but love!

Janet, London
Personal Shopping
I often feel overwhelmed when buying clothes, wich is why I booked Sybs for a personal shopping tour. She selected pieces according to my preferences, and advised me with knowledge on how to best style and integrate them into my current wardrobe. Sybs also encouraged me to try some pieces that I would have never selected myself, but really suited my body shape, and I ended up buying them. I was happy and went home with several new outfits! Thanks Sybs, I will definitely use your services again.

Shawn, London
Editorial Styling
I first worked with Sybs during my first year of modelling which was a great experience. I was a college student still getting used to the fashion industry and she was very patient and attentive with me.

I had some troubling fitting into the sample size clothes/shoes and she found alternative ways to help me fit into the outfits comfortably without any fuss. 

Whenever I had trouble expressing myself in the eccentric outfits for the photoshoot she encouraged me to wear the clothes with pride and not let the clothes wear me, and those were words that I still carry with me to this day!

Ruth, London
Personal Shopping
I had put on some weight, thus feeling quite unsure what to wear. It was my aim at actually buying a simple elegant dress, but it was not becoming me at all. Sybs with a lot of patience was providing me with different outfits in the style I had asked for, but nothing really suited me. Finally, she persuaded me then to try on a leather skirt and a top decorated with flowers. I first was not convinced of her suggestion, but tried it on anyway. What a surprise, it perfectly fit my figure and even made me look slimmer. 
I got to know Sybs as a very professional stylist, with a very good taste and the ability to recommend the clothing perfectly fitting the individual.

Emi, Japan
Editorial Styling
I’m a dance performer. I had a photo shoot with Sybs. Her fashion sense makes me amazed. She has ideas that are suitable for scenes and emotions, eternity and fragility, classic and modern, fantasy and reality... her style has fusion! She makes styles from various kinds of textures. Also, her style tells a story. I was inspired by the style and born in its new story. I could design the dances and movement. Thanks Sybs for your professional job! I will definitely need your advice and services again.